Today’s threat landscape is advancing in a way that means even the most cyber-ready and advanced organisations are vulnerable.

No matter what type of organisation you are, you need to defend yourself against cyber-attacks and information risk. Many organisations have implemented multiple end-point technologies to monitor cyber risk, but this can be complicated to manage, especially where there is a lack of integration to bring the information together – sound familiar?

Altran’s World Class Center for Cybersecurity has two cybersecurity product solutions to support organisations. Our governance, risk and compliance platform, SYNERGi and our DevSecOps solution, AVERT.

SYNERGi – GRC Platform

With audit-fatigue a real worry in the world of cybersecurity, managing multiple compliance requirements in spreadsheets, difficulty defining responsibility for ownership of risk, penalties for non-compliance and a risk of reputational damage can all be a challenge. By using the modular SYNERGi governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platform, you can understand and automate an otherwise manual risk and compliance process.

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AVERT – DevSecOps Solution

AVERT (Altran’s Automated Vulnerability Ecosystem Resistance Tactics Framework) helps organisations with their cyber situational awareness in the DevSecOps product lifecycle. The framework automates security testing—enabling clients to harden products/ecosystems and reduce risk of zero-day vulnerabilities.

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