SYNERGi Governance Management

SYNERGi Governance Management allows you to create Objectives (also known as Corporate Objectives) as well as Policies.

Objectives (sometimes referred to as Corporate Objectives) are statements of intent expressed by the business and typically detail some kind of business outcome. Objectives can be set at any level of the business from strategic Objectives all the way down to individual project Objectives. You can link Risks to your Objectives in order to, for example, plan Remediation Projects which will allow you to achieve your Objectives.

The Policies section of SYNERGi acts a repository for all your Organisation’s Policies and Procedures regarding Cyber Security. When a Policy has been created you can link Controls from various Standards Libraries to your Policy. Subsequently, you can create Policy Statements and then link them to Controls (therefore linking them to the Policy). This allows for a gap analysis to be conducted on your Policy and assess how well they align with the Controls in the Standards libraries. This will allow you to review your Policies and determine if they need improving and/or changing.

Key benefits include:

  • Upload and edit policies, standards and requirements
  • Publish requirements across departments/units
  • Alert departments/units to change
  • Assign roles and responsibilities
  • Map policies to controls
  • Objective Management; and
  • Mapping Risk to objectives

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