What is AVERT?

The AVERT (Altran’s Automated Vulnerability Ecosystem Resistance Tactics) framework is an AI/ML based automated orchestration engine to predict zero day vulnerabilities and accelerate DevSecOps processes. It has been built by Altran North America to allow product and network security teams to help build and manage secure product releases and networks.

AVERT provides extensive tool coverage, accelerates security analysts’ processes, and is highly scalable. Organisations leveraging AVERT no longer require large, highly skilled, and expensive-to-maintain workforces to design for security, and ensure a high degree of consumer trust.

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AVERT Use Cases

  • Full & incremental source code scans – application, firmware etc
  • Continuous penetration testing, network scanning and vulnerability assessment
  • Protocol fuzzing
  • System security configuration verification
  • Password hardening
  • SSH-related checks

Benefits of AVERT

Efficiency – prioritises and addresses vulnerabilities faster in the release cycle and removes false positives and duplicates

Unification – creates a unified cybersecurity framework that enhances security posture across the development and security lifecycle

Effective Coverage – covers commercial and open source tools including SCA, SAST, DAST, Protocol Fuzzing

Insight – encourages the left shift approach, driving DevSecOps efficiency across different domain products

Tracking – centralised dashboards and continuous tracking allows AVERT to generate current risk scores based on variables such as the number of assets affected by a vulnerability and the severity of the impact

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