Finally, a security testing partner you can trust.

IRM have delivered world-class security testing to a diverse range of clients since the company was founded in 1998. Our services are supported by relevant industry accreditation for security testing, including membership of the NCSC’s CHECK and Tailored Assurance schemes as well as membership of CREST.

IRM remains at the forefront of the emerging technologies of the industry. Using the engineering expertise of our wider group, we deliver security testing to the operational technology industries alongside the traditional IT domains.

As a result, we are consistently adapting our testing methodologies and techniques to combat the new threats and vulnerabilities. With an expert team of penetration testers, our services range from vulnerability assessments on specific systems and networks, to more holistic approaches through red teaming and social engineering exercises.

Penetration Testing

Our penetration tests emulate a threat actor’s attack to evaluate how our clients’ cyber security strategy responds to it.

Our highly qualified security experts are recognised by industry bodies such as CREST and Cyber Scheme, and use the latest methodologies to comprehensively assess your cybersecurity posture.

With IRM’s 20 years’ security experience we have expertise in testing operational technology environments. Specialist testing services in this area include IoT, SCADA, hardware device reviews, embedded systems and industrial control systems.


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Security Assessments and Reviews

Your critical applications and systems are made up of numerous vulnerable components including services, network devices, laptops and mobile devices. If standard configuration is used on this web of components, your organisation risks exposure to malicious attackers.

Our comprehensive security assessments are the best way to ensure your hardware or operating systems are configured securely. A full report from IRM will enable you to decide on the best remediation actions to address your vulnerabilities and strengthen your cybersecurity posture.

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Scenario-Based Testing

IRM’s scenario-based testing provides companies with a real world benchmark of their security posture. Our broad range of CREST and Cyber Scheme certified security testing services help determine whether applications, networks, geographical locations, processes and even people are resilient enough to withstand cyber security attacks. Understanding the likely threat actors enables the IRM team to play out a true scenario based attack.

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