The promise of financial transactions makes these sectors a key target for cybercriminals. Despite this, the finance and public sectors are beginning to respond to regulatory changes in order to mitigate the various cyber risks.  There has been approximately $345 billion in cybersecurity penalties between 2009/2018 with $100 billion spent on compliance projects in 2018 alone.

With a range of key global financial and public sector clients, IRM has a deep understanding of risks posed in these industries.


Our key finance and public sector cybersecurity services:

Finance & Public Sector Security Testing

The increasing digitisation of systems and processes within financial services and the public sector has meant security testing has never been more important. Our security testing services will highlight any flaws that could leave your organisation vulnerable to cyber-attack.

Particularly for financial services, cybercriminals know exactly where the money is and will use their skills to exploit any security weaknesses. Building secure systems and conducting regular security testing will help you identify these areas before malicious forces cause damage.

Alongside our traditional IT security testing, we have the skills and expertise to test embedded systems, ATMs and Point-of-Sale devices.

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Social Engineering and Red Teaming

Most public sector and financial services cyber-attacks are caused by phishing and/or social engineering. Whether it’s a phishing email targeting your Chief Financial Officer to approve an ‘urgent’ payment, or an email sent to your CEO with a malicious attachment, it can be easy for a cybercriminal to take advantage of organisations who aren’t aware of the risks.

We offer a range of consultancy services to test your cybersecurity posture. Our technical experts can plan and conduct bespoke social engineering exercises to truly test the awareness of your employees.

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Strategic GRC

As a financial services or public sector organisation, one of your top priorities (and legal obligations) is to protect the assets of your clients. Whether it’s their payment card details or personally identifiable information, these assets are at risk of being monetised by cybercriminals if they gain access to the data through your security vulnerabilities.

Are you aware of the information management processes in place? Do you know what your most important data assets are? Our consultants can work with your organisation across a variety of governance, risk and compliance topics ranging from PCI DSS, GDPR and NISD, to threat assessment and vendor management.

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With phishing and social engineering being such common tactics in finance and public sector organisations, it’s important to generate internal awareness of the techniques and tools.

We offer a range of bespoke training options which can be used to develop the awareness of employees within your organisation, right up to the Board of Directors who might find themselves the target of a spear-phishing.

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SYNERGi GRC Platform

To help financial and public sector organisations manage their multiple legal and regulatory obligations, we offer our governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platform, SYNERGi.

SYNERGi is an out-of-the-box platform with a 360 degree approach to bringing all governance, risk and compliance frameworks into one place. It helps financial  and public sector organisations manage the various standards and frameworks to generate overall visibility of increasing cybersecurity challenges and imminent cyber threats. Read about how Travelex utilised SYNERGi in our case study at the bottom of this page.

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