8 out of 10 telecommunications organisations classify regulation change as a risk factor – BDO Global

The telecommunications market has become a complex landscape to navigate when it comes to maintaining compliance and managing cyber risks. This is accelerated by industry pressures including legal scrutiny over regulations such as GDPR and NISD, growing cybercrime and the difficulty and risk that comes with digital transformation.



Our key communications cybersecurity services:

Strategic GRC

Our strategic GRC services involves using highly experienced risk consultants to assess your current cyber strategy and make recommendations to improve it. Specific to communications cybersecurity, our consultants can:

  • Define and put in place security processes to comply with industry standards and security requirements, such as GDPR and the NIS Directive
  • Support your organisation to gain security certifications or accreditations
  • Perform risk analysis to help you protect the key assets at risk to threat actors who are highly capable and motivated to cause damage through cybercrime

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Security Testing

Our security testing in the communications sector applies the mentality of a hacker to your organisation across all disciplines. Our technical consultants will show where you have vulnerabilities and how to fix them.

A typical security assessment for a communications provider involves a wide scope of testing. A recent client project saw us reduce the cost of deploying security tools by assessing 250+ config files, 90+ documents, 130+ processes before moving to production.

We were able to assess the environment through ISO 27001 and NIST frameworks, whilst conducting vulnerability management through regular scanning of 1,500+ devices in staging environment.

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SYNERGi GRC Platform

Most of our communications clients who conduct security testing with us also have a license to our governance, risk and compliance platform, SYNERGi.

SYNERGi is an all-in-one platform with a 360 degree approach to bringing all governance, risk and compliance frameworks into one place. It helps communications organisations manage the various standards and frameworks, generating overall visibility of increasing cybersecurity challenges and imminent cyber threats.

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