What is the SYNERGi GRC platform?

SYNERGi is an award-winning, sophisticated (yet affordable) GRC platform used by organisations to develop, maintain and report compliance against legal and regulatory obligations. The cloud-based platform has a range of different modules to choose from, ensuring you can pick and choose the modules required to meet your business objectives.

From managing your ISO 27001 certification process to managing the compliance of your complex supply chain, SYNERGi has sophisticated reporting capabilities to ensure you can create a “single source of truth” when it comes to monitoring cyber risk.

We understand that procuring a GRC tool is a significant investment. That’s why we offer a proof of concept to allow you to experience the benefits of SYNERGi, build a business case and validate your choice. If you’re interested in a free trial of SYNERGi, simply contact us.

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Watch the video: SYNERGi Explained

Our short video explains the concept of GRC and how the SYNERGi GRC Platform can help you achieve your risk management goals.

The video breaks down the key elements of the platform and highlights what makes IRM’s GRC platform stand out from the competition.


Modules Overview

In order to create a single view of your organisation’s security landscape, IRM has designed seven modules in the SYNERGi GRC platform plus a Penetration Testing Portal. Unlike organisations managing cybersecurity from spreadsheets, each SYNERGi module reporting capability allows you to generate sophisticated information, on demand.

Governance Management

Governance management is fundamental for ensuring that the correct policies, systems and processes are set in place to ensure the organisation’s goals, direction, limitations and accountability frameworks are all equally defined.

Risk Management

As an organisation’s cybersecurity matures, the emphasis moves beyond simple tick-box compliance, to understanding actual risks and their potential impact. This module allows organisations to identify, assess and manage all types of business risk through streamlined processes and a centralised, helicopter view of risk across the enterprise.

Compliance Management

SYNERGi’s Compliance Management module significantly streamlines compliance processes through a specially designed framework and reduces the time and effort needed to keep up with regulations, standards and policies; minimising the risk of non-compliance that could potentially affect your organisation.

Audit Management

SYNERGi’s Audit Management solution is designed to help companies manage their wide range of audit-related activities, data and processes in a single, comprehensive framework. Whether you’re carrying out internal audits, operational audits, IT audits, supplier audits or quality audits, SYNERGi has the functionality to automate the necessary tasks for each.

Vendor Management

SYNERGi Vendor Management enables organisations to fully automate their vendor and risk assessment processes, giving your compliance teams a complete overview of supplier risk so that they can focus their effort where it is needed most. Capture third party data to gain a complete picture of your vendor landscape straight out-of-the-box.

IT Security Management

SYNERGi IT Security Management combines the power of live threat intelligence feeds with automated incident response processes. Through APIs, the solution easily integrates with your existing SIEM, endpoint solutions, helpdesk and threat intelligence solutions, so you get one global view of potential attacks.

Business Continuity

The Business Continuity module in SYNERGi was developed to support organisations recovering from COVID-19 disruption. It enables organisations to obtain and maintain compliance to safely and securely continue operations during recovery and to enhance business continuity moving forward.

The module within the SYNERGi GRC Platform provides:

  • management and tracking of compliance to a wide range of standards which are also customisable
  • Business continuity management support
  • Audit management support
  • Also supports cyber risk, incident & vendor management and other regulatory requirements


Penetration Testing Portal

Most organisations conduct regular penetration tests, as it’s the easiest way to audit the general security posture of a website, infrastructure or indeed the whole organisation. But far too often, the remedial activities ascertained from these tests are not acted upon or are not visible enough, and so the same vulnerabilities occur time and time again.

In addition to the six dedicated modules, SYNERGi’s Penetration Testing Portal provides a central repository for teams looking to manage their security testing. With various scheduling, vulnerability and remediation features, the portal helps organisations save time and effort whilst enhancing the ability to allocate responsibility to security risks.


SYNERGi Use Cases

The range of modules available in SYNERGi means the platform can support various policies and frameworks monitored across your organisation. Taking advantage of the integration functionality and sophisticated reporting capabilities, SYNERGi can support use cases ranging from managing IT policies to ensuring the compliance of your third parties

Use cases supported by SYNERGi include PCI DSS, supply chain and third party risk management, ISO certifications, NIST, NISD, GDPR/DPA, BSI and SOX/financial controls.

Learn more about how our customers use the SYNERGi GRC Platform by downloading some of our case studies from GAME, Amey, Rank Group and Travelex.

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