The estimated cost of automotive production downtime is $22,000 per minute – Business Insider

Manufacturing for automotive is becoming increasingly digital. Car manufacturers are using the industry’s latest technology to increase the efficiency of production, improve vehicle functionality and introduce connected cars. Whilst these changes bring positive improvements to the industry as a whole, they also introduce increased cybersecurity risks.

With huge reliance on systems and technology in the manufacturing process, a malicious cyber-attack could impact your productivity, causing substantial losses and endangering lives. Whether it’s ensuring your production line is secure or implementing a ‘secure by design’ approach when designing new vehicles and features, there are many ways to enhance automotive cybersecurity.



Our key automotive cybersecurity services:

Security Testing

We have technical consultants and proven methodologies to support security testing across a range of automotive areas including:

  • Testing of software and embedded systems, such as engine control units (ECUs)
  • Cybersecurity technical specifications, for example, cyptographic solutions
  • Security Assurance Requirements (SAR) concerning development lifecycles, testing and vulnerability management
  • Frameworks and standards such as ISO 27005, SAE J3061, ISO 15408 and Cryptographic Standards (e.g. NIST)

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Secure By Design

We work with many OEMs to ensure that their new products are designed with cybersecurity as a priority, often described as “security by design”. Our consultants can assist with security measures specification, design of secure architecture and security architecture reviews. This includes:

  • Security of the individual electronic components
  • Communication between individual components
  • Numerous interfaces between the automotive vehicle and the outside world
  • Data transfer between the embedded systems the end user, cloud and outside world

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Strategic GRC

Our automotive strategic GRC services involves using experienced risk consultants to assess your current cyber strategy and make recommendations to improve it.

Specific to automotive cybersecurity, our consultants can:

  • Define and put in place security processes to comply with industry standards and security requirements
  • Support your organisation to gain security certifications or accreditations
  • Perform risk analysis to provide understand exactly which information assets needed protecting and to define your current cyber risk posture

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Incident Response

No matter how much time and resource OEMs put into strengthening their cybersecurity posture, there is always a risk of malicious cyber-attacks. IRM’s consultants will work with your organisation to define key areas of risk and cybersecurity incidents affecting the automotive ecosystem. We offer services to:

  • Plan, deliver and report on incident planning workshops to train key individuals on how to deal with a cyber-attack
  • Ensure an incident response team is in place to co-ordinate an efficient response in the event of an attack
  • Provide forensic analysis and cyber support if you are affected by a cyber-attack and need consultancy support to reinstate BAU

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