It’s time to take a Secure by Design approach

With most vulnerabilities introduced at the design phase, we work endlessly with organisations to ensure a “Secure by Design” approach is adopted. Instructing an architecture and design review can uncover vulnerabilities and provide insights for re-engineering your design to meet the industry standard and your company’s required policy.

Adopting a secure by design approach allows you to be proactive rather than reactive. Being reactive to a cyber-attack is costly and inefficient, but unfortunately very common. Ensuring security by design recognises the significance of the likelihood of a cyber-attack. It enables your organisation to have the right systems and technologies in place to be able to respond quickly and efficiently.


Key challenges

  1. A universal concern for all organisations considering security by design when developing application software, IT solutions, or information system products of any kind
  2. Lack of guidance as security requirements of new products are not always clearly defined yet security must be taken into account in the design of products and solutions to ensure the final product will fulfil the requirements of the user and industry best practice
  3. Complex and costly to improve the security of an existing product or solution when compared to applying a secure by design approach in the first place. Our secure by design approach manages risk with multiple defensive strategies, so that if one layer of defense turns out to be inadequate, another layer of defense will, ideally, prevent a full breach.
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Our Secure by Design Services

As part of the Altran Group, IRM has a strong track record in assisting manufacturers and OEMs in designing and implementing secure products. Our architects and consultants can leverage their experience to implement security practice across a number of other industries.

  • Overview of architecture: Defense at the border, defense in depth, layered architectures principles
  • Security domain protection and evaluation method including validation, design verification
  • Security measures definition and security objectives allocation
  • Security measures specification according to security standards (requirement or model based) to gain confidence in developed products
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