IRM’s wide range of cybersecurity consultancy services are delivered by an experienced team of consultants who have a deep understanding and experience of the cyber risks faced by organisations today.

Across our Strategic GRC, Secure by Design, DevSecOps and C-Suite Consultancy services, we will work with you to define scope and objectives to implement the best possible security solution. Using our tried and tested methodologies, we aim to embed best practice security and technology into your standard business process, allowing you to maintain business as usual compliance and security.

Strategic GRC Review

Our team of experienced risk consultants can work with you at each step of you cyber maturity journey. We can support you with compliance and audit requirements including GDPR, PCI DSS, ISO frameworks and third party assessments. Our risk management services include helping you define your valuable assets and cyber risk appetite, assessing your cloud computing risk and producing a cybersecurity risk reporting framework.

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Secure By Design

With most vulnerabilities introduced at the design phase, we work endlessly with organisations to ensure a “Secure by Design” approach is adopted.

Our technical consultants will leverage their experience to help your organisation defend architecture at the border, protecting the security domain and defining the security measures and specification.

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Development, Security and Operations – three words introduced into the cybersecurity sphere to start making everyone accountable for security. The aim of DevSecOps is to implement security decisions and actions at the same scale and speed as development and operations.

Our consultants will assess your current DevSecOps environment, design and deploy industrialised DevSecOps and offer services to support your day-to-day operations.

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C-Suite Consultancy

Our strategic consulting offer aims to support the C-level in the strategy of security information. We help the Board to ask the right questions about security information and to identify levels of security and compliance.

Our consultancy services include cyber executive briefings, an executive security talent service, Board-level maturity assessments and more.

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Incident Response and Forensic Investigation

No matter how cyber mature your organisation is, there is always a risk of being at the receiving end of a cyber-attack or breach. Our incident response and forensic investigation services are in place to ensure that you have sufficient plans in place as well as the tools required to deal with an incident effectively.

Our services include incident response planning, cyber incident response, cyber threat intelligence and digital forensic investigation.

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