Many governmental departments are starting to communicate the importance of cybersecurity in the energy sector. As part of critical national infrastructure (CNI), it’s vital that energy organisations such as utility providers and energy appliance manufacturers place their cybersecurity strategy as a top priority.

Whilst digitisation is key to optimise the industry to offer enhanced and more affordable energy services, this process also brings an inherent threat – more digital and ‘smart’ devices are connected to energy and power systems, offering more potential access points for cyber-attacks.


Our key energy cybersecurity services:

Security Testing

Critical infrastructure, the systems and equipment that provide a platform for energy and utility services are becoming increasingly reliant on modern technology. Whereas critical infrastructure used to operate in isolation, reliance on computer networks and advanced programmable devices increases the requirement for security testing. We have technical expertise to support security testing across a range of energy domains including:

  • Testing of energy networks, systems and products such as smart meters
  • Operational technology security testing to highlight vulnerabilities and prevent sophisticated attacks

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Strategic GRC

There are multiple frameworks and standards that affect the energy and utilities industry. In particular, the NIS Directive Regulation has been designed to increase the security of Operators of Essential Services like energy providers.

With various regulations to monitor, protect against and comply with, the risk of fines can be as high as £17 million for cyber incidents which create disruption to the public or critical national infrastructure. We offer the following strategic consultancy services to support organisations:

  • Define and put in place security processes to comply with industry standards and security requirements, including NISD, NIST and GDPR
  • Support your organisation to gain security certifications or accreditations
  • Perform risk analysis to understand exactly which information assets needed protecting and to define your current cyber risk posture

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SYNERGi GRC Platform

To help energy and utilities clients manage their multiple legal and regulatory obligations, we offer our governance, risk and compliance platform, SYNERGi.

SYNERGi is an all-in-one platform with a 360 degree approach to bringing all governance, risk and compliance frameworks into one place. It helps energy organisations manage the various standards and frameworks, generating overall visibility of increasing cybersecurity challenges and imminent cyber threats.

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