Do you have an effective incident response plan?

Cybersecurity incidents are now headline news. In the short-term, a breach can seriously damage an organisation financially and in the long-term, it can impact on customers and stock market confidence. It could well happen to you, so what should you do?

IRM offers a two-pronged approach to incident response. We can help your organisation investigate a security breach to keep business impact to a minimum, but we can also minimise the impact of a potential breach by implementing an incident response plan. Our dedicated consultants proactively develop and rehearse tailored response plans on the most complex of cases.



      Our key incident response services:

Incident Response Planning

In IRM’s experience, the most common lesson learnt by businesses after experiencing a cyber attack, is the necessity of having a pre-defined and practised plan.

IRM can provide an incident response planning workshop tailored to your business to ensure your organisation is prepared for a cybersecurity incident.

Typical scenarios covered in a workshop include malware infections, a compromise of a systems and internal breaches.

Key benefits of an incident response planning workshop include:

  • Improved Decision Making – if and when an incident occurs, your Incident Response plan will define who the decision makers are and establish clear roles and responsibilities across your company
  • Damage Limitation – your Incident Response plan helps the business quickly respond to a breach at an escalation point relating to the information value at stake

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Cyber Incident Response

Dealing with a sophisticated cybersecurity attack is a very difficult task, even for large organisations with a high level of maturity.

IRM offers a defined, repeatable and trusted methodology for handling incidents, providing access to experienced technical consultants who ensure that appropriate actions are taken.

Our Incident Response methodology includes containing the attack, eradicating the cause of the incident with remedial actions, recovering the company to business as usual operation and creating plans to remediate control weaknesses.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence

IRM’s tailored Cyber Threat Intelligence service is developed in tandem with XCyber® Group – providing informed tactics for current threats, and plans for threats that may exist in the future.

We can help prevent, detect and contain cyber-related incidents by analysing the organisation through an attacker’s eye view and providing tailored threat intelligence that alerts organisations to potential threats, instances of sensitive data loss or compromised brand integrity.

By continuously monitoring millions of data sources and cyber threat intelligence feeds, IRM are able to provide security teams with tailored, focused and actionable intelligence via an online portal.

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Digital Forensic Investigation

In the event of a cybersecurity incident, it’s critical to understand the source and extent of the network breach. Armed with this intelligence, you can confidently respond and efficiently eradicate any malicious presence in your IT environment.

IRM’s technical consultants are able to perform a Computer Forensic Investigation as part of our Cyber Incident Response Service or independently, depending on your business requirements.

Our consultants handle and document all evidence in accordance with the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) digital evidence guidelines.

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