Helping you navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape

The World Class Center for Cybersecurity has designed a range of managed services to support organisations in a time when the cybersecurity landscape is more complex than ever.

We can help organisations of all sizes and cyber maturity to build up their cyber capabilities and maintain compliance through effective consulting and reliable monitored and managed services.

Our managed services cover Security Testing, Vendor Management and Product Software Service. With offices across the globe and highly qualified technical and risk consultants, we can be flexible to support your organisation.

Security Testing Managed Service

Whilst we provide ad-hoc security testing services, if you have regular penetration testing requirements, we have a Security Testing Managed Service offering.

Regular penetration testing should be an essential element to all organisation’s security strategy, helping you to identify vulnerabilities before a malicious attacker does.

With all best intentions, trying to commission multiple individual engagements can cause headaches with procurement, but engaging in a security testing contract with IRM can simplify the process.

This managed service includes the use of the Penetration Testing Portal in our SYNERGi GRC system. The Portal provides a dedicated central repository to manage and organise all pen testing within your organisation, including setting remediation actions and viewing overall risk in real-time dashboards.

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Vendor Management Managed Service

For clients seeking to establish the security maturity of their third party vendors, supply chain and trading partners, IRM offers a managed service.

Using the SYNERGi GRC platform, we can provide a scalable software solution at the core. The platform will automate, consolidate and represent vendor responses, allowing your organisation to generate overall visibility of cyber risk.

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Product Software & Support Managed Service

Our consultants can assure the security of connected systems through vulnerability and threat management. We achieve this through security consulting, 24/7 security operations, vulnerability exploitation, threat assessment and compliance management.

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