08 July 2019

A day in the life of an IRM pen tester: Jay Seward

To raise awareness of IRM’s Graduate Pen Tester Scheme, we’ve interviewed some of 2018’s grad intake to find out what it’s really like to work as a pen tester at IRM. Today, we hear from Jay.

Name : Jay Seward

Education/Background: BSc Forensics & Cyber Security, Diploma in IT Practitioners.

Age: 22

What is your role?

Technical Consultant (CTM)

What did you do before you joined IRM/how did you come to join IRM?

I was working at a local Co-Operative supermarket as a customer team member. I joined IRM on the graduate scheme following my account creation on LinkedIn. Creating an account and connecting with fellow professionals got me into contact with the company and their graduate opportunities.

Why did you choose IRM?

I chose IRM because they are a smaller business by office/size but with a large footprint on the cybersecurity industry; it’s nice to have a close family-feel when there are lots of tiny working parts.

How do you manage your home and work life balance?

I make sure to take time to enjoy watching and playing live music on evenings and weekends, as I’m part of a band. I try to find the most optimal travel options when it comes to travelling on-site to ensure I still have time for myself, friends and family.

Did you always plan to work in cyber?

Originally I wanted to become a police officer, however I realised I had talents in computing; I then stumbled onto cybersecurity which really piqued my interest.

Do you find your job challenging?

I find my job incredibly interesting as not one single day is the same. There are always times where you have to learn and adapt on the job, such as learning to use new tools or working with a new platform or method that you’re not used to.

Tell us about how you learn new things

I tend to learn new things both on the job as well as in my own downtime. In order to keep my work/balance positive I try to keep my self-study healthy; but I’m constantly trying to up-skill myself so I get the most out of my experience/job.

Have you been to any interesting places working in cyber?

I have been to many interesting places that I haven’t been to before both in the UK & Europe; the most recent interesting place would have been central Paris!

What training opportunities have you got with IRM?

We are lucky to have direct access to the Cyber Scheme accreditations which are part of the graduate scheme process. These set a standard for all of the consultants and give us a goal to work towards. I am very interested in aiming for OSCP next.

What tips would you give to somebody looking to enter the cyber industry?

I would say that keeping your options open in terms of role is the most important; there are many different roles in cyber that you can be a part of and they are all as equally important. Being as diverse as possible in your skillset is also a massive perk as the nature of the job requires you adapt regularly.

The next instalment from “A day in the life of an IRM pen tester” will be posted tomorrow. To learn more about the IRM Pen Tester Graduate Scheme, visit our careers page here.