17 October 2018

Is your GRC platform personalised?

Buying an off-the-shelf governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platform can be useful when you are keen to get up and running. But once you start using the software, you need to ask yourself whether it completely ticks all your boxes. Are you able to narrow down data to produce highly specific reports for different departments? Can you segregate data into different areas of the platform to ensure users can only access areas appropriate to them?

Functions like these separate a usable platform from a useful platform.

IRM has developed a GRC platform, SYNERGi, to allow you to tailor the platform to your business needs. You can choose what you want to see, control user access and add your own terminology. The following features  allow you to fine-tune SYNERGi to meet your needs as a user.


Filter Down Your Data

Each table within SYNERGi is equipped with filters. These filters allow you narrow down your data to show exactly what you need to know. Saving the filters allows you to return to the specific data each time you log in.

Data Segregation

Within your instance of SYNERGi, you can segregate your data into defined ‘Security Domains’.  Users assigned to these Security Domains will be able to view and edit data that is contained within that Domain only.  This feature allows you to control the data that your Users have access to whilst providing you with a company-wide view.

Profile Specific Dashboards

From within your profile configuration page, you pick and choose which dashboards you wish to see on your SYNERGi homepage. You can select dashboards that are specific to a certain compliance library, such as PCI or ISMS, to those that detail whole modules of SYNERGi, like the Risk or IT Security pages.


The SYNERGi GRC platform can also be tailored to match your organisational brand.  The following features allow you to reflect your company’s language, image and requirements.

Add Your Own Taxonomies

You may find that certain fields within SYNERGi don’t quite capture the information you wish to record. That’s why SYNERGi allows you to add your own values. Being able to add bespoke fields ensures your data is logged fully, thoroughly and most important, accurately.

Create Custom Fields

Custom fields can be added to a multitude of ‘Objects’ across SYNERGi, such as Risks, Assets and even Penetration Test Records. These custom fields allow you to truly customise and fine tune the data capture abilities of your SYNERGi instance.  With many field types to configure, this is one of the more powerful customisation features of the platform.

Bespoke Workflows

Workflows can be applied to Risks, Assets and Vendors, and control how these Objects can progress between different approval stages.  By implementing stage validation, you control exactly what data it required before an Object advances to the next approval stage. In addition, you can set up notifications to alert Users and Owners of the workflows progression.

Customise Your Questionnaire

When building questionnaires, you can add to the ‘out of the box’ responses that the Recipients can select from. You can also add company or customer specific questions, meaning your responses are more meaningful and questionnaires are fine-tuned for each recipient.

Role Configuration

SYNERGi’s default roles can be easily configured, where both the page access and object permissions can be granted or denied. This means you can determine which sections of SYNERGi your Users have access to, as well as what they can create or delete. You can also create brand new roles for whatever function your business requires.

Dynamic Modals

When creating Objects within SYNERGi, you will be required to populate certain fields – such as name, status, owner, etc. These fields, however, may not fully align with your business process, which is why we have introduced ‘Dynamic Modals’.  You can request fields that you would like to be renamed and we will ensure that your SYNERGi instance is updated with these bespoke labels.

The above features allow you to fully personalise your SYNERGi platform. Utilising these functions will ensure you get the most out of your GRC platform, enhancing return on investment.  The SYNERGi GRC platform has various modules which allow you support the implementation and management of frameworks including ISO27001, PCI-DSS and GDPR. If you want to learn more about SYNERGi, visit the overview page here. If you would like a demo of SYNERGi, contact us.