09 April 2020

Remote Access Solutions: Top 4 Security Considerations

Remote access is the ability to access a computer or network from a remote location. The current Coronavirus situation has increased the usage and rapid deployment of remote access solutions. Although remote access can be beneficial to businesses, it can also elevate the attack surface of the infrastructure. Without well-implemented security controls, external threats can gain access to sensitive networks. The following key points should be considered when rolling out a remote access solution.


Without secure access restrictions preventing unauthorised connections, the risk of a breach is greatly increased. Restrictions such as access control policies, strong authentication mechanisms and effective monitoring should be incorporated in any remote access solution to ensure data and your network are secure.


Ensuring the endpoint device is secure through a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution is key for securing remote access solutions. An insecure device could introduce malware into the organisation’s network. Further to this, secure policies can be enforced to ensure data stored on the devices are encrypted and software up-to-date.


Without a secure remote access solution, it will be difficult to protect data confidentiality from malicious attackers. One of the features that you need to look for a remote access solution is its ability to encrypt remote sessions between the local and remote devices. The remote access solution should be security tested along with the configuration of the solution to ensure the security of connections and transmitted data.


A strong authentication mechanism will improve the security posture of a remote access solution. Enforcing a strict password policy in-line with the organisational policy along with additional controls such as multi-factor authentication will further reduce the risk of unauthorised access. Further steps can be taken to reduce the likelihood of a successful breach depending on the solution chosen.


With remote access solutions being an essential component of any remote working strategy, enabling users to securely access resources such as email and file servers via an encrypted, authenticated network connection, IRM also recommend taking the time to ensure that remote access solution software is up-to-date and fully-patched to account for any recently-discovered vulnerabilities. IRM can perform in-depth security testing at a platform, network, design and configuration level of all remote access solutions including software solutions, cloud solutions, client/clientless solutions and Virtual Private Networks (VPN).

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