Improve your security posture with web application security testing

As applications become more complex, they can be easily compromised if security is not considered during the development lifecycle.

Using the methods of real-world attackers in a controlled manner, IRM ensure that our client’s applications are safe, secure and adhere to security best practice. Our web application methodology involves:

  • Mapping – the entire application, enumerating all available directories and functionality, whilst understanding the design and logical flow
  • Analysis – examining the application’s supporting infrastructure for vulnerabilities
  • Identification – highlighting points of interest and potential attack vectors for exploitation, examining the application’s authorisation, encryption and server configuration
  • Exploitation – continually assessing the ease and impact of exploitation in key application components
  • Analysis and Reporting – producing an Executive Report that includes an executive summary and clear security risk, recommendation and remediation advice


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IRM’s team of highly accredited penetration testers has been supporting organisations with their web application security testing needs for over 18 years. We’re renowned for working with large global organisations and have the backing of the Altran Group and Capgemini, our parent companies. These relationships enable us to provide penetration in the traditional IT security realm as well as the more specialist areas such as embedded systems, operational technology and IoT.

Industry recognition we’ve earned

Web Application Security Testing Accreditations

Our range of other security testing services:

Mobile App Penetration Testing

Enterprise-wide mobility is now the norm. Businesses are increasingly reliant on mobile applications as they continue to generate more revenue and allow employees to collaborate effectively and work from any geographic location.

However, mobile applications also come with their own unique security challenges and have become an alternative target for hackers. Our mobile application testing service has been created to give you peace of mind that your company’s applications remain secure and operate effectively for everyone, everywhere and at all times.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing and Configuration Reviews

We have a range of services to help test your network and infrastructure for various weaknesses. This includes configuration reviews, firewall reviews, code reviews, VPN assessments and build reviews.

Red Teaming and Social Engineering

Real hackers don’t stick to a scope. Our red teaming service combines a number of test strategies and techniques in order to gain access to pre-defined information assets. These may include targeted web application attacks, war dialling and driving, social engineering and specialised malware.

IRM’s social engineering service is designed to identify shortfalls in employee security awareness and physical security, provide actionable remediation advice to combat the threat of malicious attackers and ultimately reduce the risk of employee-related security breaches.

Operational Technology Security Testing

We have a team of experienced SCADA security testers, who understand the differences between SCADA, Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).

Moving to IoT, our technical consultants will help you strengthen the security of your IoT products across a number of different industries including smart devices for domestic use, smart metering or smart devices used in the automotive and transport sectors.

Embedded systems testing is becoming increasingly important for organisations of critical national infrastructure (CNI). Our experience, expertise and lab facilities allows us to overcome this issue to offer embedded systems testing to a high standard.

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Are you a public sector organisation who usually uses the Digital Marketplace to source experts for your projects? IRM is on the Digital Marketplace as a supplier and it can make it a much quicker process as you’ll be buying through a framework rather than entering into an individual procurement contract. We’ve got 20 services listed on the Marketplace including Application Security Tests, Infrastructure Assessments, Risk Services and our SYNERGi GRC Platform.

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