19 December 2018

How to avoid cybercriminals this Christmas

Cybersecurity matters all year round. That said, there is still something about Christmas-time that provides more opportunity for cybercriminals. Whether it’s targeting the millions of online shoppers with precious credit card details, or those patiently waiting for delivery update emails at home, everyone is a target.

As well as consumers, businesses too are a target towards the end of the year. With plenty of invoices coming to a close before the end of the working year, cybercriminals have opportunity to target executives in organisations to obtain malicious payments.

With the distraction of the latest Christmas party or Secret Santa deadline, it’s important to stay aware of cybersecurity best practice. That’s why we’ve put together a short eBook for businesses and consumers: “How to avoid cybercriminals this Christmas“.

To download the eBook PDF (no details required!), just click the image below or follow this link: https://bit.ly/2rIVzOe