10 July 2018

IRM Risk Reduction Programme

Sometimes the attempts to keep abreast of change, technology and your threat landscape can be challenging to say the least. Some companies find security presents a barrier to business processes rather than an enabler, whilst others find security an increasing issue when it comes to meeting regulatory requirements and ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of their supply chain.

That’s why IRM have developed an innovative methodology to ensure that security keeps up with the changing demands of your business.

IRM’s Risk Reduction programme has been designed to enable organisations to understand what sensitive information they store, where the value of security would sit in the business and how to manage security risks effectively.

The approach will help you progress from addressing specific risks to achieving enterprise-wide resilience to risk in an increasingly uncertain landscape.

With six phases making up the risk reduction programme, it begins with defining a clear framework to measure your progress against your business strategy and concludes with steps to guarantee the permanence of your security transformation.

Constructed using IRM’s collaborative risk management and governance software platform – SYNERGi, the programme will instil a fundamental and lasting change towards managing information risk and how you respond to cyber incidents.

Inside the brochure are eight key business issues that IRM have identified as high-level summaries throughout the risk reduction engagement. These issues are based on extensive research, including interviews with senior executives on their risks, opportunities and strategy.

Furthermore, the brochure contains all six phases of IRM’s innovative methodology to risk reduction approach allowing you to ensure that your organisation’s security keeps up with the changing demands of your business.