11 December 2018

Simplifying GRC through SYNERGi asset onboarding

Transition over time

IRM are thrilled by how much SYNERGi has grown in such a short period. To think back a few years ago, every company was more than happy to manage their cyber risk and compliance activities in a spreadsheet or through manual processes. It’s only in recent years that organisations have started to recognise the value of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) platforms.

SYNERGi is now being embraced by so many companies around the world. Not only is it an award-winning GRC platform, it is also a community for security professionals. They collaborate in best practice methodologies and principles of cyber-risk management.

Breaking down barriers

The latest release is redefining how organisations are managing asset security. SYNERGi is breaking down the barriers that often originate at the beginning of a project and fall into the abyss at the end of a project (don’t get us started on SecOps….). We are achieving this by ensuring security is built into the asset onboarding. We help business stakeholders; policy makers; IS/IT architects; and compliance, audit, change control and risk management teams stay connected and report risk and compliance through the life-cycle of an asset.

SYNERGi is taking our customers further than they have ever been before by helping them model their business against a 3-level hierarchy (Business Asset, Component and Device).  When we combine this structure with the data that SYNERGi collects, we can help our customers quantitatively understand the business impact of their cyber risks.

What’s new with SYNERGi?

  • New checklist capability for gathering and populating asset data from internal stakeholders
  • Penetration testing calendar
  • Extended ‘Business Modelling’ structures for capturing custom fields relating to Business Assets, Components and Devices
  • Assets and controls now link to risks
  • Extended customisation capabilities
  • Improved user experience and interface across all modules
  • Qualys Connector

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Watch the video below for a quick overview of SYNERGi.