04 October 2018

SYNERGi integrates with Qlik – the leading data analytics platform

As part of an ongoing development plan for their governance risk and compliance software platform, SYNERGi, IRM has introduced a new integration with market-leading reporting database, Qlik.

By combining SYNERGi’s intimate cyber GRC expertise with Qlik’s know-how in BI platforms, SYNERGi will empower end users to gain new insights from their own cyber data.

The unique combination will deliver business value in the following key areas: optimising compliance, assurance and audit operations; transforming supply chain security decision making; making faster decisions to cope with unexpected events, vulnerabilities and incidents; and optimising risk management decisions by interpreting volumes of quantitative and siloed data sources – even if it resides on legacy information systems and follows legacy processes.

As part of their development strategy, IRM has successfully integrated SYNERGi’s reporting database with Qlik. IRM has tested the integration using both the Qliq SQL connectors and REST API connectors.

Phillip Mason, Software Director for IRM says: “Our decision to provide the integration was driven by our desire to meet our customers’ growing needs. From reporting and self-service visual analysis to guided, embedded and custom analytics, regardless of where data is located in SYNERGi.”

He adds: “Customers will be able to create custom dashboards and reports; and, explore the hidden relationships within data that lead to insights that ignite risk, policy, standard, and procedure and control management”.

This integration functionality will allow customers using Qlik to gain greater meaning out of information stored in SYNERGi, adding even more value to the valuable data within the platform.

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SYNERGi is a governance, risk and compliance software platform designed by IRM. It is used by organisations to develop, maintain and report compliance against legal and regulatory obligations, as well as supporting a pervasive and continual approach to privacy, cyber security and operational risk.

The software platform has six dedicated modules including Governance Management, Risk Management, Compliance Management, Audit Management, Vendor Management and IT Security Management. SYNERGi allows for cyber security analysis that can support quantitative GRC decision-making.

SYNERGi Dashboard

About Qlik

Qlik® delivers intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting to approximately 45,000 customers worldwide. Companies of all sizes, across all industries and geographies, use Qlik solutions to visualize and explore information, generate insight and make better decisions. Headquartered in Radnor, Pennsylvania, Qlik has offices around the world with more than 1700 partners covering more than 100 countries.

Gartner has placed Qlik as a leader in the Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for eight years in a row, highlighting the ability to lead the way forward with an end-to-end solution for getting value out of data.

About Information Risk Management (IRM)

IRM works to defend organisations against cyber threats.

Founded in 1998, IRM provides visibility and control across entire cyber landscapes by combining more than 19 years of consultancy with advanced software technology.  By covering all aspects of cyber security from PCI compliance to automated threat intelligence, IRM supports organisations at every step of their cyber maturity journey.

IRM is part of the Altran Group. Altran is a global leader in Engineering and R&D services (ER&D), and offers its clients a new way to innovate by developing the products and services of tomorrow. As one of Altran’s seven ‘World Class Centers’, Tessella are leaders in the field of data science and analytics. With a focus on solving complex technical challenges by unlocking the power of their data, Tessella are able to support organisations in making better informed business decisions.

Working across nine different sections including Automotive, Aerospace and Energy, Altran group generated revenues of €2.282bn in 2017. With a headcount of more than 45,000 employees, Altran is present in more than 30 countries.

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