17 April 2019

SYNERGi Microsoft Power BI connector now available

SYNERGi by IRM Altran, a leading provider of cyber GRC software and services, today announced the availability of the new Microsoft Power BI connector.

This new connector brings rich GRC and KPI data from SYNERGi into Microsoft Power BI, a cloud-based business analytics service (software-as-a -service) designed for non-technical business users to monitor and visualise data from across the organisation through live dashboards and reports.

SYNERGi makes it easy for cybersecurity teams to precisely measure how business performance is impacted by cyber risk and compliance. With the Power BI connector for SYNERGi, companies can easily to discover new insights and make more informed decisions across the business.

Phillip Mason, Software Director for SYNERGi says: “Protecting data and IT assets is critical for any business in this digital era, but cybersecurity teams don’t always have the benefit of understanding the criticality, security and owners of these assets. Rich data and analytics across every stage of the data and IT assets lifecycle is critical to managing cyber risk.”

“With this solution, users can now unleash the power of this data across all business functions with Power BI in an easy and accessible way. Users at all levels can gain actionable insights faster than ever before.”

Accessing insights through Microsoft Power BI is simple. Users can ask questions in plain English and receive answers in the form of graphs and charts. For example, Power BI users can query their cross-functional data with simple commands such as “show me the percentage of risks outside of my risk appetite by business function,” or “show me OWASP Top 10 non-conformities for my Top 100 Applications” and within seconds see answers in the form of graphs. Users can then save these visuals onto dashboards for ongoing monitoring.

“In this data-driven era, companies need to capture the metrics that truly matter to their business,” said Phillip. “Businesses can see the big picture and make smart, fact-based decisions using Power BI and SYNERGi”.

Learn more about SYNERGi here, and if you would like a demo of the GRC platform and the new Microsoft Power BI connector, fill in our demo form.