13 June 2019

Five reasons to free trial SYNERGi

Free trial header with desk backdrop

Finding the right tool to support your organisation to improve your Governance, Risk and Compliance processes, requires a considered investment in time, effort and finances.

That’s why we offer a free SYNERGi trial, giving you the opportunity to meaningfully explore how our platform can support your organisation. Because the internet is fond of lists, here are five reasons to make use of the trial offer:

1. Clarify and expand your business case​:

Our pre-sales consultants will help set up your instance​, reducing the work required post-sale and demonstrating the support available; while providing valuable insight regarding how you can best achieve your goals.

The free trial will allow you to demonstrate to colleagues, budget holders and the Board how SYNERGi streamlines existing processes and improves visibility, ownership and reporting.

2. Understand what you can achieve​:

SYNERGi is scalable; proof of concepts allow you to include all available modules, features and functions, giving visibility of how your use case can expand and provide greater depth and support wider areas of your organisation.

SYNERGi is flexible; reading collateral can only tell you so much, and sales demonstrations provide useful but limited insight. Hands-on exploration of the GRC platform will ensure you know what you are getting and where you will want to focus support and guidance.

3. Learn about different use cases​:

Our implementation team has extensive experience and will be able to reference previous implementations that are relevant to your business, providing guidance on best practices from an organisational viewpoint.

Whether you are recertifying to ISO 27001, introducing Cyber Essentials as a first step toward ISO27001, or ensuring you are aligned with GDPR, the NIS Directive or complying with internal business policies, the SYNERGI free trial will highlight what’s possible

4. Experience an award-winning World Class Center platform​

SYNERGi is an award winning platform, having been recognised as the best Risk Management/Regulatory Compliance Solution by Industry Leaders.

We pride ourselves on our client focus, ensuring all customer requirements are recorded, explored and added to our Development Roadmap.

5. No-commitment trial:

Our SYNERGi free trial can span up to 4 weeks (sometimes more depending on the requirements of your organisation). Once your trial is up, if you decide SYNERGi isn’t for you, then that’s absolutely fine.

If you decide you’d like to continue with the full implementation of SYNERGi and purchase a license, we can populate your production instance with the data gathered during your free trial. Efficient, right?

If you are interested in a SYNERGi free trial, then simply fill in this form and one of the team will be in contact. Alternatively, you can learn more about SYNERGi by downloading the brochure.