20 December 2018

A Year in Review - 2018 SYNERGi Developments

This year, IRM’s GRC platform, SYNERGi, has gone from strength to strength. Now with six dedicated modules, the platform has been adopted by a number of organisations. Whether it’s to monitor and track their ISO 27001 certification, or assessing, assigning and remedying their greatest business risks, SYNERGi has developed considerably to help support various use cases.

As the year comes to a close, we summarise some of the key developments of the platform in 2018.

IT Security Module Enhancements:

  • Pen Testing Repository – including the ‘Pen Test Calendar’, schedule retests of pen tests, ability to add questionnaires along with pen test count KPIs.
  • Bulk Actions – ability to address many issues at once.
  • Added features to build on existing Incident Management module, including ability to Import Issues (NESSUS/Qualysis)

User Definable Customisation:

  • Custom Workflows – defines how SYNERGi processing takes place with respect to transitioning from one status to another
  • Custom Fields – quickly allows end users to customise UI to add new fields for data capture based upon their business needs
  • SYNERGi Login Page Images – customisation via Settings to allow client specific images and information to be shown on main landing page
  • New Taxonomies Option – allows users to define and edit specific fields (13 items)
  • Customisable Colour Schemes –  added within IT Security module for severity values to aid clarity.

Audit Module:

  • Consolidated View Enhancement – plus Audit findings can now be imported into SYNERGi from an Excel spreadsheet (Controls and Control Tests)

Vendor Management & Questionnaires: 

  • Security Domains – added to Vendors to allow controlled access to specific data items (when used in conjunction with Modelling and Role Based Access)
  • Primary Contacts – can automatically be created as users
  • Questionnaire Repository – contains all questionnaires, starting with Vendor questionnaires. In time, this will hold all questionnaires.
  • Vendor Questionnaires updates – including ability to add question IDs and question level help text
  • Drag-and-drop ability to aid arranging of sections within a questionnaire

Administration Improvements:

  • Bulk Users – area to allow faster creation of new users
  • Audit Log – enhanced to record lower level actions via Authentication logs

Other improvements include:

  • Linked Risks to create Parent/Child relationships to capture more specific context
  • Remediation Actions expanded to include ability to create via Risk, Asset and Vendor modules
  • Menu format realigned to enhance usability

If you have any questions or would like further information about SYNERGi, please email hello@irmsecurity.com. If you are a SYNERGi customer and have a support question, please email support@irmsecurity.com.