04 April 2018

Exciting New Quarter For Our GRC Platform!

Two customer collaborations have delivered some significant enhancements in SYNERGi’s latest version – 5.3.2.

SYNERGi is IRM’s GRC platform and is used by organisations to develop, maintain and report compliance against legal and regulatory obligations as well as supporting a pervasive and continual approach to privacy, cyber security and operational risk

The latest version 5.3.2. signals the end of a productive quarter and the beginning of an exciting period for SYNERGi.  We have invested significant time and resources into collaborating with Telefonica and CKHH over the past three months in an effort to deliver two significant enhancements to the platform.

Streamline and automate your Audit Management lifecycle

Developed in collaboration with Telefonica, SYNERGi’s enhanced Audit Management Module makes it possible to accelerate audit cycles, improve audit strategies, reduce audit costs, and enhances internal and external auditor productivity.


Audit Scope Management

Define and maintain the audit universe, including auditable entities (such as business units, functions, and processes).

Audit Planning and Scheduling

Create audit plans with a defined objective and scope. Organize audits in a logical structure and hierarchy with detailed checklists, evaluation pass or fail criteria, and tasks for execution. Schedule audits and assign tasks to the audit team members.

Audit Fieldwork

Record findings, detailed observations, and recommendations in pre-defined formats or work papers. Attach supporting evidence, configure checklists, and cross-reference work papers and other documents. Send findings and recommendations to auditees for their review and feedback.

Audit Issue Management

Identify and document audit issues. Prioritise and assign resources for investigation and remediation with an underlying workflow and collaboration engine. Define an action plan, and track the remediation process and issues to closure.

Audit Reports

Generate draft and final audit reports with review and approval workflows in a configurable format. Pull together findings and actions from various tasks to generate the draft report. Gain real-time access to audit data, history, and analysis of audit results with audit status tracking reports and dashboards.

Regulatory Controls

Select and audit regulatory controls such as ISO14001, ISO9001, ISO18001, CAS-T, ND1643, PCI et al


Proactively Respond to IT Security Incidents and Vulnerabilities

The IT Security Module arms teams with a powerful platform for managing and resolving incidents and vulnerabilities quickly and efficiently. Originally developed for one of the ‘Big Four’, we have introduced a number of enhancements requested by CKHH which allows all issues to be centralised and viewed by type and source.


Issue Management

Proactively Identify, Assess, Manage and Respond to IT Security Incidents and Vulnerabilities


Enable security teams to automatically adapt their response processes to real-time, enabling a fast and complete response.

Customisable Connectors

The IT Security Module supports connectors for Nessus, Archsight, Penetration Testing Vulnerabilities, as well as other technologies.

Task Management

Enables teams to streamline basic, time-consuming steps, empowering analysts to focus on more strategic tasks and resolve incidents and vulnerabilities faster.


If you would like to see these features and enhancements in more detail, we can organise an online demo for you and your team. Simply click below to request your demo today!