10 July 2019

Innovation is at the heart of IRM's provenance….

In the three years since IRM’s first “Innovation Week”, it’s evident why this is such a great exercise.

IRM know that with collaboration comes new ideas and opportunities, which is why we brought together the SYNERGi and AVERT teams for the very first time (located across three offices in Cheltenham, Bulgaria and India).

The five SYNERGi project teams demonstrated another fantastic week of workshops, presentations and demos – all focused on advancing SYNERGi for our customers’ cyber GRC processes.

In the end the ‘Graph DB Project’ (by ‘Team Neo’) won the exercise, bringing new advanced software techniques and functionality to allow SYNERGi to create relationships between different objects. This new features will help customers visualise risk, compliance, asset data in an intuitive manner. Creating real-time insight though simple queries and extracting quantitative data from these relationships will allow customers to make smarter cyber GRC decisions.

The judging panel consisted of Keith Williams (Altran Group Chief Technology Officer), David Jackson (Global Technical Director, Software Engineering – Intelligent Systems / Altran), Charles White (CEO Altran IRM), Antonio Terroba (Head of Software Development IRM) and Phil Mason (Software Director IRM).

The panel felt that all of the ideas were excellent and well-presented and choosing between them was difficult. All the projects left the panel thinking “we need that”…or “how can we accelerate this”. The good news is, IRM will deliver all five projects as part of their planned roadmap in 2019/2020.

Phil Mason summed it up by saying: “It is through initiatives like this that we inspire and engage our teams to play an active role in accelerating the opportunity for innovation in SYNERGi.”

Thank you to all those that participated, with a special mention to Antonio Terroba for organising a great week and to the winning team ‘Neo’ whose team members were Vasil (Team Captain) Boyko, Debapriya, Esha and Illiyana.

For more details on SYNERGi governance, risk and compliance platform please visit IRM’s website here. If you are interested in a SYNERGi free trial, then simply fill in this form and one of the team will be in contact. Alternatively, you can learn more about SYNERGi by downloading the brochure.